• Medium level lateral resistance band
• Hook and loop closure

• Padded ankle cuffs for a comfortable adjustable fit
• Latex free
• Designed to target, often neglected large muscles of the inner and outer thighs, in addition to your front and rear glute muscles, hips and quads
• Helps to strengthen muscles used most often while running, walking or playing sports, while also helping to prevent injury and improve balance
• Challenge leg muscles with a varied workout to strengthen stabilizer muscles for improved balance while targeting your core.
• Steady and consistent resistance through each motion, works multiple muscle groups at a time
• Versatile to use in standing, seated and floor exercises
• Lightweight and portable to train anytime, anywhere

• Manual included


SKU: CSEF-1027
  • Do not attempt to patch or repair if punctured or cut

    Avoid using Resistance Bands on abrasive surfaces

    Clean bands with water and very mild soap. Do
     not use other cleaning products because they may damage the bands

    Do not allow Resistance Bands to be exposed to heat sources for prolonged periods of time

    Store Resistance Bands in a cool dry area and place on a protective surface when not in use


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