Founded in 2011 by the GMA Group, Capelli Sport is the alternative to the norm.


We are not the trodden path, we are not the tried and tested.....


We are however - bold, we are daring, we are adventurous and we are here to stay.


In a climate where the big dogs have reigned forever we have stayed true to our philosophy and our focus on quality, functionality and design to strive on and position ourselves into the discussions. 

We are not here to change the world, we are not here to take over the world, variety is what makes the world a wonderful place,

we are here to make our own path and create our own legacy.

All the recycled selling points you would have heard everywhere before. We could talk about 20 years of experience in the apparel and accessories industry as well as owning factories and sourcing teams abroad, about using the latest fabric technology and design functionality for best performance.


The same stuff you hear everywhere else, instead we will let our catalog and our growth speak for what we are able to bring to the equation. Our commitment to making our own way into the industry is matched only by our commitment to providing quality product to compete locally and internationally.

Brands routinely come in under bright lights to challenge the status-quo with over zealous promises and pitches, and they fall by the wayside or get gobbled up by the giants. It takes a certain discipline and an undeviating mindset to stay the course and be recognized

and applauded.

Again... we are Capelli Sport and we are here to stay.


© 2021 Capelli Sport

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